This year’sFlorence Dance Perforimg Arts Festival will also featureMystes Dance Company directed byGigi Nieddu in an event shared with Angelo Egarese‘s KinesiS Contemporary Dance Company titled Duet D’autore. The start of the show is scheduled at 21.30 in a dream location such asChiostro Grande di Santa Maria Novella.

For the occasion the Mystes will present in the National First “Chapter I“. See below for more details.

Title: Chapter I
Direction & Choreography: Gigi Nieddu
Assistant Choreography: Jessica Capanni
Dancers: Jessica Capanni, Neri Bonciani, Selene Selenina Papeschi, Jane Llaha, Costanza Delfino, Sara Cencetti, Federica Vallesi
Costumes: Alessandra Lucaccini

Photos: Serena Guerzoni

Tickets can be purchased in the following ways:

  • Via Web Clicking here, looking for the show in question and clicking on “Tickets.
  • Directly At the Florence Dance Center.
  • Contact us privately.