Here is, after much anticipation, the promo of Mystes production of 2015.

Waiting for the staging of the excerpt of the next job, which will be specially made for the XXVII Florence Dance Festival 2016, on the evening of July 27, entitled ” “Urban Contamination – Mystes & Antitesi” (That’s what the Mystes will be seeing on the scene with Antitesi Company), hoping you like this promo, hoping it can give curiosity for our upcoming commitments.



Title: “Third Dimension

Director and Choreography: Gigi Nieddu

Assistant Choreographer: Jessica Capanni

Performers: Jessica Capanni, Neri Bonciani, Selene Papeschi, Jane Llaha, Costanza Delfino, Sara Cencetti, Guia Meucci, Vladimir Ibragimov .

A special thanks to Studio Fotografico Serena Guerzoni for video editing of this beautiful promo.

Good Vision